ANNIHELLATION (Project Cancelled)


Our world has never been a paradise, but at least it was ours. The portal changed it all.
At the other side we found hell; and in hell there was misery, darkness and evil.

You are Alma, one of the last Warrior Witches, sentenced to death by the Order of Witchcraft. But they give you a choice: Die now or cross the portal and redeem yourself.

Your ascension from the depths of hell starts here.

The world

A link to another dimension has been opened.
We refer to it as Hell.
And that’s exactly where you are. You will have to find your way through all the dangers of this world, and even those who will help you cannot be considered as friends. Greed rules the place and everything has a price. Even your own sanity.


Annihellation will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

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