Presenting our new project

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Our world has never been a paradise, but at least it was ours. The portal changed it all.

At the other side we found hell; and in hell there was misery, darkness and evil.

You are Alma, one of the last Warrior Witches, sentenced to death by the Order of Witchcraft. But they give you a choice: Die now or cross the portal and redeem yourself.

Your ascension from the depths of hell starts here.


A link to another dimension has been opened.
We refer to it as Hell.
And that’s exactly where you are. You will have to find your way through all the dangers of this world, and even those who will help you cannot be considered as friends. Greed rules the place and everything has a price. Even your own sanity.

  • A fast-paced combat system with focus on tactics.
  • Realistic art style and gorgeous hand drawn 2D backgrounds and animations.
  • A dark, immersive narrative with a huge lore.
  • Character progression with different gameplay experiences.
  • Tens of enemies with different behaviors, skills, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Hundreds of unique designed rooms procedurally stitched together.
  • Challenges for the hardcore players. Push yourself beyond your own limits.

Alma: The main character, aka You.
One of the members of the ancient order of the Warrior Witches, well versed in the arts of war and magic. However, wrong decisions sealed your fate and now you find yourself trapped in the depths of Hell.


Seth: Your guide, your weapon, your ally?


Seth’s first concept art piece. We’ll do a post very soon about all the character’s graphic evolution.


Here are a couple of small tidbits of how the game is coming along.
Still very early stages, but we wanted to show you something already!


Hell surely is not a cozy, welcoming place.


And a first concept of one of your future enemies who’ll probably love to cut you to pieces.


We’ll keep updating the devlog with more animations, gifs, videos, concept art and lots and lots of info about Annihellation, the new Super Mega Team’s project.

See you again soon!